Rochelle Weiner Carr - 07/16/2014 - Biz tips / Branding & Design

iStock_000025752931XSmallHow long has it been since you updated your logo? Your website? Your marketing plan? Did you start your business 10 years ago and have yet to rethink your public image? Styles change. Marketing trends change. In order to stay competitive you have to keep up with the crowd. If the last time you updated your image was more than 3 years ago, it’s probably time for a tweak. If it’s been more than 5 years, it may be time for an overhaul.

In general, a good logo should last you quite a long time. But how can you tell if your logo is a good one? When you look around at your competition, how do you feel your corporate identity compares? How versatile is your logo? Think about what your company was about when your logo was created – does it still stand for the same things or have you changed over time? if so, your logo should change with it. Your logo should always reflect who you are today.

If you’re changing your logo, then your marketing materials need to be updated too. Your business card, newsletter, brochure, etc. all have your old logo and your old look. The new logo will have an entirely different look and feel. To keep your materials fresh it’s time to update those too.

A website is a different thing. Like anything in technology, trends are changing constantly. We wouldn’t recommend jumping everytime some new technology hits the industry, but it’s important to keep up to date with trends that will affect the success of your company. What new technologies can offer to your business, is something that should be monitored. We recommend overhauling your website every 3-5 years. How long has it been since your site has had an upgrade?

Andiamo will be able to help you make these decisions and we can construct a plan for you that makes the most of your budget, while keeping you up to date.

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