Rochelle Weiner Carr - 07/03/2020 - Biz tips / Branding & Design / Marketing Strategy

My clients rock. With the onset of this pandemic, many business plans have been thrown out the window. The normal way of doing things is changed, maybe forever. Businesses are looking for ways forward, a way to make things work within the new parameters. I'm proud to share three projects I've been working on with my clients who have found a positive way to respond to working through the pandemic.


One Andiamo client has initiated return to work signage programs to help their corporate clients safely bring their work force back to the work space. We are creating signs to help people find their way, stay safe, monitor themselves for symptoms, and keep areas clean for others. These signage programs are being rolled out internationally in the healthcare tech and fast food industries.


I worked with Gravity Marketing to develop brand identity for PariRange, a new device developed by EmbedTek that promotes social distancing in the work space. This little box alerts the wearer every time you come within 6 feet of another PariRange device, and records the duration and distance to fellow trackers to aid in contact tracing efforts.

PariRange is a pocket held device developed by EmbedTek which buzzes each time the wearer comes within 6 feet of another person


Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce in Chicago is working with their membership to build safe business practices and get Chicagoans out into the sunshine. They are working with the city to close a section of Lincoln Avenue throughout summer weekend evenings to make room for socially distant dining. They have branded the event "Feast on Lincoln, Dine Out on the Avenue" and Andiamo worked with LPCC to develop the brand identity for this ongoing event and then roll that out to on-site signage and banners, posters for shop windows and graphics for digital promotion.

Barricade Signage to promote Feast on Lincoln outdoor dining event

Through working on these projects, I was provided a way to be part of the solution - that feels darn good. As I said, my clients rock!

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