Much like ADA compliance in a brick and mortar shop, digital ADA compliance means adjusting your place of business (your website) to make it accessible to all. In the US law, digital accessibility isn't specifically required for sites outside of government entities or big ecommerce companies like Target. However, this has not kept lawsuits from being filed, sometimes to stiff penalties for the defendant. The essence of the matter is, if your site is not accessible, your business is at risk.

The Stats of the Matter


26% of the US
(61 million people) identifies with having a disability*


98% of all websites
are currently not accessible**.


2018 saw a 177% rise
in lawsuits filed over the year before***


2,256 digital accessibility lawsuits were filed in federal court in 2019***

The right thing to do

Look at adding ADA compliance to a website as business insurance, a way of keeping your business safe from lawsuits. The bonus is that it is also the right thing to do to make your site accessible to all. Plus, accessibility can actually raise your visibility on Google, and give a boost to your brand by showing that your company prioritizes accessibility.

The smart move is to take this issue seriously and work it into your short term and ongoing business plan.

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