Rochelle Weiner Carr - 08/31/2020 - Branding & Design / News & Announcements

Hilarious and awesome.

Someone is selling Hungry Williams beer coasters on Ebay as collectibles. Love it! Don't know the seller but looks like an industrious Milwaukeean with very good taste.

Full disclosure, the The Hungry Williams is my husband John's band. The band was formed about 4 years ago and they've been gathering steam in the area. My husband and I have been in charge of most of the marketing for the band.

The coasters were John's idea - a giveaway promo - drop them off at a venue a week or so before the band is scheduled to play. Little did we know how popular these stacks of coasters would make us with local barkeeps. Turns out the humble beer mat is a sought after item. Always greeted with a "WOW! Thanks!" and even called on occasion to bring in more!

Above was the design for the first set of coasters, and below is the second set (of which one is being sold on Ebay.) We ran out of both of these already.

Below is the third design - a box of which was delivered right before the country went on pandemic lockdown in March 2020. The band made the decision to remain on lockdown until the pandemic is no longer a danger. They cancelled all their gigs and have not played out all season. Therefore, the world has not yet seen the new coasters.

Hopefully sometime soon, these cool new coasters will see the light of day! Until then - thank you to our fan on Ebay!

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