Rochelle Weiner Carr - 04/28/2019 - Book reviews

This is pretty cool news. My talented friend Kate just wrote a book. It's a book that would have been very helpful to me had I read it as a younger person, but it is still very helpful now.

Kate Kramer is a lecturer in critical writing at University of Pennsylvania, and she has a particular interest in the arts. Her book, "Artists Write to Work: A Practical Guide to Writing about Your Art", lays out in step by step detail, complete with templates, worksheets and pictorial samples*, how to use effective writing skills to advance your art career.
* The pictorial samples include images of my work and my efforts at marketing!

I often felt that my art school education - while excellent for learning technique, critique, history, etc., - overlooked an integral element. A student of the arts needs to learn how to make a living at being an artist - any kind of artist. Having a career as a self employed graphic designer, and a side career as a fine artist - the information in Kate's book would have been very helpful to me earlier in my career. All I currently know about marketing was learned through self-education and gleaning info from the marketers I have worked beside throughout my career. Not a bad way to get the info, but certainly a well-thought-out guide like "Artists Write to Work" would have been invaluable to me as an art student.

I highly recommend that all my artist friends, and art instructor friends, consider picking up a copy. My hats - (all of them, as there are many) - are off to you, Kate! May you have much success with this book and may your readers benefit from your insight and enthusiasm! And thank you so much for including me! Cheers!

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