Rochelle Weiner Carr - 03/27/2020 - News & Announcements

The world has changed, maybe for a long time. Maybe even forever.

For those of us who already work from home, day-to-day life doesn't feel much different. I've been working from home for more than 20 years and I've certainly learned what works and what doesn't for me. Here are some tips:

Keep a schedule

It's easy to lose track of time when you don't have to get up and go anywhere. I've found that keeping a schedule helps - whether it's 9-5 or noon - 8 or through the night.

Make a to-do list and keep it updated.

It's easy to lose track of priorities when you're fielding a lot of requests at once. I use an online project management system (Basecamp is great) but even just a written list can help keep you on track.

Keep in contact with your team.

My team are all over the place - work associates in different cities, clients across the country and overseas. It's important to keep in contact with those you're working with on a regular basis. Respond quickly to communications they send you and be sure to check in occasionally to let folks know where you are in the project. Add a little personality or humor to it as well, if that suits you. Everyone's more alone right now, a laugh never hurts.

Find some company

I worked from home a long time before getting married - having cats in the house certainly helped me from feeling lonely. Also helps to have some noise in the background - music or a movie. In these days of COVID-19, video chats have been really great.

My ukulele. It's from the Luna brand, and it's a tenor, which means it's ittle bigger than a standard (soprano) uke.

Find an outlet.

Exercise, playing music, watching movies, hobbies, whatever you can find to keep you entertained, engaged, and safe from the virus. I took up ukulele. No really. I keep it near me and pluck out a tune here and there when I have a minute. Music soothes the savage beast!

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