Rochelle Weiner Carr - 10/19/2018 - Biz tips / Branding & Design / Marketing Strategy

Sharing Success Panel Expert on Branding.

Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce - (some of my favorite clients!) - invited me to be a panelist in their semi annual business development forum called "Sharing Success". The subject was digital marketing and they invited me to share my expertise in branding.

Imposter syndrome

Conventional wisdom says that 1000 hours on any endeavor makes you an expert. Considering I've been a full time branding designer since the late 90s, I could say I definitely have at least that much time in. But does that make me an expert?

I will say that the topography has changed considerably in that time. Branding used to be referred to as logo design. It meant taking a company name and making it pretty. Hopefully with a little twist or double meaning (bonus!) Seems parochial now.

Branding means a lot more these days than it did when I was a young designer - or maybe I was just seriously naive back then. These days the brand development business includes jargon-y phrases like strategic messaging, audience profiles, journey maps, and user experience. And far beyond just a logo, the word brand has expanded to include any representation of an entity - be it messaging, palette, image choice, media platform, interior design, sustainability choices, and yes - logo design. So - am I an expert in all that? Well - I definitely know how to design a logo. 😉

The other panelists

The panelists were intimidating - I definitely felt out of my league. They were way more involved in the actual topic of the day. They knew all sorts of tips and tricks with regards to SEO, digital platforms, social media outlets, etc. My experience is less about how to market in a digital world, but rather how to design for it. Brand consistency, visibility, optimal file size, punch and verve, style and charisma. You know - the visuals. That's my bag.

Anyway - it was a great opportunity to be there on that day and see what others are doing. I am forever grateful to the amazing folks at LPCC for inviting me and making me feel like an expert for a day!

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