Rochelle Weiner Carr - 08/19/2014 - Branding & Design

Infographic have taken us by storm. Everywhere I look they are popping up - across all different kinds of media: TV news, newspapers, blogs, internet news, etc. And for good reason. They tell the story.

Hard to say, but I think infographics first gained popularity via USA Today. Many times over the years clients have asked me to take their written content and "create a graph - you know - like the ones in USA Today".

Most people understand technical information much better if it is presented visually. I recently saw the one below posted by a friend on Facebook. Now, I have a special interest of course in all things graphic design, but I pored over every single portion of this graphic very carefully - it drew my full attention until I'd finished reading it in completion. And I have to say, all well-done infographics hold my attention in this way.

A good infographic displays complicated information in a compelling graphic presentation which invites the viewer in a way that the written word does not. It uses color and design to compel the viewer to look closely, which means that the information retention rate would be greater than showing the same information in paragraph form. And in a world where we are continually bombarded with information, the smart business person chooses the mode of communication that gets their message across in the most expedient and pleasant manner. Infographics fit the bill.

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