Rochelle Weiner Carr - 07/14/2014 - Biz tips

iStock_000002388699XSmallThere are a lot of things to consider when creating your brand. One of the big ones is your target audience. If your product is say, a  specialty flavor-infused vodka, you need to market that product differently than if you were selling all-natural juice boxes.

Ask yourself: who are you marketing to? What are they likely to respond to? Give some thought to identifying their age, gender, geographical location, culture, their socio-economic level. If you’re having trouble identifying these things for your own company, try visiting the websites of your competitors. Go to the successful ones and analyze what they’re doing right. Even go to the not-so-successful ones and analyze what they’re doing wrong. Learn from this and go back to your original questions. Get it right the first time.

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