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Andiamo Creative has been working on adding template website options to our services. We have always prided ourselves on our custom designs - every website we have created is original and tailored specifically to the client's needs and tastes. However - with originality comes a higher price. Original, one-of-a-kind websites are more expensive to produce than something created from a template - it stands to reason. But that doesn't mean that template websites have to be boring or without flavor. Following are a few images - a sneak preview of some template designs we've been coming up with recently. All of these designs are constructed from basically the same template.



One template site may have similarities to the next, but the way we do it you can get some remarkable customization. And it's a more affordable option for our clients who are on a small budget.

The competition

Of course, there are loads of places where you can buy template websites. We differentiate ourselves in the fact that we help you set up your site. Most template websites are completely do-it-yourself. You search a huge database, choose a design, pay, and then upload your photos, your logo and your copy and you never talk to a person, much less a designer. This is a very affordable option because they literally spend no man hours with you at all.

At Andiamo, our price point may be a little more expensive but that's because part of our service is to have a designer help you get started and maintain your site. And it's still way less expensive than a custom site. How nice is that?

We (currently) have fewer choices of templates, but way more customizability on each. Every template purchase comes with a designer consultation, followed by the designer setting up your site for you. This is the perfect option if you're someone who prefers to be hands-off.

Of course, if you DO like to do things yourself, we can arrange for that too. For a smaller fee you still get a consultation with a designer - then we set up the template for you and pass it to you to fill in the content and take care of the maintenance yourself as well. Win-win, right? we hope so.

Template Websites R Us

Are you in the market for a budget-conscious website that still looks great? To learn about creating your own template-based website, please contact us!

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