Rochelle Weiner Carr - 03/05/2017 - News & Announcements

Well friends, it may have taken me a long time, but I finally launched a new website for Andiamo. Phew.

I always counsel my clients that to stay relevant, you should update your website every 3-5 years - erring on the shorter side if you're in a visual field. Well, like most business owners, I had fallen into a serious case of the cobbler's shoes. It had been way longer than I'd like to admit since I redesigned my own website. Well, no more my friends. I have a fresh new website that reflects what Andiamo is today.

  1. Updated messaging to match how I've been selling Andiamo since my move back to my home town. I am a sole proprietor with strengths in branding, print and digital design with a side of illustration. My cultivated network of creative professionals are brought in to work on projects on a contract basis, as needed to fulfill the needs of any given creative marketing project.
  2. Updated branding - A couple years ago I redesigned my logo to work better in a Social Media space. Many of my clients have run into an issue of being invested in a logo that was developed before the popularity of social media exploded and does not represent well in a square space. I had the same issue and updated my old logo to play well in the medium. Since then I've been doing small changes - updated documents, business card, and now website to use the redesigned logo. I also have added the scalloped edge in the website to reflect the shape of my logo. All fun, all good, and expect to see further tweaks as time goes by.
  3. Updated list of services including Infographics, HTML emails and Overflow services
  4. Refreshed and indexed portfolio

So - glad that's done! Next time I won't let it go so long. (Famous last words!)

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