Midwest is a distributor educational furnishings which prides itself in being sensitive to their client’s needs. They collaborate closely with their clients- educators and administrators at schools of every level – to create versatile, multi-use educational spaces that enhance the learning environment now and into the future. We worked with Midwest to rebrand their company, with the most important keyword being “collaboration”. Shown at left is the final chosen logo and palette, and below that are other concepts developed during ideation. Also shown is a business card design using the new brand and palette. The new brand mark was designed to illustrate their mission of collaboration. The M and W of the word “MIDWEST” with the addition of arrows were used to form a distinctive shape that reflects collaboration in multiple ways: traffic flow between two rooms in a floor plan, flow of ideas between teacher and student, and collaboration between Midwest and client.

Selected brand logo

Alternate logo options presented during design phase

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