For a family event - a 50th anniversary - we created a faux search campaign. Mysteriously, the couple in the early days of their courtship had serious formal photos taken of themselves wearing fake beards and mustaches. Despite our queries, how this photo shoot came about was never explained. However, we used these hilarious portraits as the theme for the party - an "in search of" style printed invitation which included an age progression of what the couple might look like 50 years later. The age progression was a sketch of the couple using a recent photo, with the addition of mustache and beard to match the earlier portraits. We also used a rubber stamp of a mustache on the flap of the envelopes.

Centerpieces were created for the day of the event consisting of of gold sprayed twigs in mason jars - clipped to the twigs were fake adhesive mustaches and little birds. Initially it was just the kids in the party that were trying on the mustaches - but by the end of dinner most of the adults were wearing the mustaches as well. A big hit!