Why WordPress Works – The Best Choice for Websites

Why WordPress Works – The Best Choice for Websites

The best choice for websites is simply this, WordPress.

Working With WordPress Templates

Probably the best thing about WordPress is that it remains an open source project which basically means there are thousands of people working on it, at any given moment.

While now a full fledged online content management system it originally started as a blogging system back in 2003. It remains the stand out among online competitors such as WIX, Squarespace, etc.

With thousands upon thousands of avenues for customization including plug-ins, widgets and optional CSS coding there is no limit to using WordPress in creating your website.

Narrowing down the reasons for what makes WordPress the best choice for websites is difficult but here it goes.

  1. User Friendly Website
  2. Templates & Widgets
  3. Upgradable & Customizable

1) The Best Choice for Websites is User Friendly

Starting a website with WordPress is easy. With a few dozen clicks you can have a new website up & running hosted through this great resource for bloggers & business.

When starting a new account you are taken through the necessary steps to get your swell website site up on its feet.

First, choose your theme (we will discuss this further in the next section). Next, customize your theme by managing the colors, header, front, widgets (which we will also discuss further in the next section), site title, featured content & more.

After that simply click save & you are well on your way to have your new WordPress site up & running.

2) Templates, Plug-ins and Widgets Galore

Templates are abundant in WordPress. With so many different styles from which to select you are bound to find one that will fit the needs of you or your brand. There are plenty of free templates & even more moderately priced templates for those that want to stand out a bit from the competition.

Plug-ins are a way to add functionality to the back end of your website. For instance, you can add plug-ins to track website data with more detail, import posts from a Tumblr account or streamline SEO.

Widgets work to make the appearance of your website more unique. There are widgets to highlight categories and tags so users can quickly determine the bulk of your online content. A number of widgets are available to make it easy for people who find your site to share it across the spectrum of social media such as with share buttons for facebook, twitter, etc. My favorite widgets allow for specificity in highlighting your most important images & galleries.

Keep in mind all of these widgets, depending on your theme, can be placed in various places on the website. Generally speaking there is usually a primary sidebar, content sidebar & footer widget areas.

Having all of these tools at your disposal makes for really easy method to create a creative, manageable site without any knowledge of code. That’s just another reason WordPress makes me smile.

3) Upgradable and Customizable

Custom developers will also smile because WordPress allows for content to be upgraded and customized through CSS, HTML & PHP.

For instance, if you have went through the motions of making the initial framework for a new site & then turn it over to a web programmer it can still be enhanced to your desires (even if you have abandoned it for some time).

Furthermore, what is exciting for programmers is that they can put their skills in CSS, HTML & or PHP to use in creating premium templates for sale to WordPress users who prefer working without the craft of coding.

Andiamocreative Creates With WordPress

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