Windy City Ribfest, 2011 Logo Poll

Windy City Ribfest, 2011 Logo Poll


Windy City Ribfest – what do you think of this logo?

Uptown hosted the second annual Windy City Ribfest from July 15 – July 17 just off the Lawrence red line, sporting many awesome activities with a tasty BBQ selection. Speaking of selection, after reading some of the previous posts from Andiamo regarding logos, I looked at this years Windy City Ribfest logo and knew there was room for improvement (Important note: the Windy City Ribfest logo is not an Andiamo Creative design). However, I did not want to write an article based on my opinion alone so, I gathered some data via 100 quick interviews to see what other people thought about this logo design.

After paying my $5 donation (which benefits the Chamber for Uptown) I did a quick sweep of the layout making my first stop at Chicago Tribune booth. I spoke with Albert, purchased a 4 week subscription for only $13 and collected my first poll vote (not to be confused with pole vault).

I moved on to the rib tents including Chicago BBQ, Texas Thunder BBQ, Barbecue Co. and Big Boned BBQ co. These guys and gals have a super valid point of reference as many of them participated in numerous rib festivals across the country. I wanted to hear how Uptown’s logo ranked in comparison. I heard, “Of all the logos we’ve seen… it’s somewhere in the middle.” I could not think of any more valid opinion than those of the people who travel through many festivals. Cooks, cashiers and the like share with me:  “Spike it up with different colors,” and “[It] didn’t really incorporate ‘Windy City’ into the design.”

People noshing on their ribs, funnel cakes and goodies kept it short and sweet. “It’s neat.” “I like it, I think it’s a good one.”

While at the festival on the 15th I asked 50 people to rate the logo on a scale where 1 means “worst logo in the world,” 10 means “best logo in the world,” and 5 means “simply an average logo.” The next day, July 16 I asked 50 people hanging around my favorite coffee shop (Emerald City Coffee) to rate the logo in the same way. During the process I was careful to always use the same approach; I offered the same general pitch with everyone only adjusting to assure certain hesitant individuals that I wasn’t “selling anything.” Also, I made it very clear that I was not affiliated with this logo design in any way and that I was seeking only honest opinions.

My survey returned that 33% find this logo design to be below average, 67% consider it above average with 19% labeling the logo a “5”, 27% ranking the design a “7” and 20% giving it an “8”.

Interestingly enough, even the individuals casting votes of “8” and “9” would go on to mention areas for improvement as in “it’s not necessarily going to catch my eye,” or “the font for ‘RIBFEST’ needs to be different.”

Now, I understand that 100 opinions are only a drop in the bucket. However, it is a beginning to something we want you to help us complete.

During my collection of statements and simple numbers people would occasionally ask an important question such as, “so, you wanna know if I like it or if I think it’s a good logo?” There is a difference. For those of you who do not consider yourselves experts just visit this quick read from Rochelle: 6 Essential Points to a Good Logo.

Anyone who needs a quick summation, here are the bulleted points:

  • Focused
  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Functional
  • Relevant
  • Unique

Let Andiamo Creative know what you think. How well does this logo match the criteria?

Regardless of present logo or future logo I recommend checking out this neighborhood festival with good eats, fun games and live music with 2011 highlights from Cowboy Mouth, Rusted Root, and Georgie Porgie & Linda Clifford. A great thing to do from Uptown to you. Now, I’m going to sit back with my BBQ and read over my new subscription to the Chicago Tribune.

To find out more about Windy City Ribfest and other happenings visit Special Events Management at

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Rochelle Weiner, creative director, reviews the Windy City Ribfest logo.

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