What’s in a Blog?

What’s in a Blog?

whatsInAblogBlogs differ not only in content but also with medium of presentation. Some blogs are entirely photographs while others paragraph after paragraph and some are even video blogs. As a writer, often times I forget that a blog need not be all words and the occasional picture. Your content can be nothing but videos. Perhaps this is your best avenue.

Now, a photographer would obviously want a blog to be primarily, if not entirely, photos. One could view slideshows and archives from weddings, theater shows and whatever the artist wants to feature. A graphic designer may benefit by showing their work with logos, developed websites and more. Finally, someone with a lot of information to present may find video to be their best option (such as the example Rochelle shared, The Art of Logo Design).

However, if your blog is solely videos or photos you may be worried about having enough words on your page to help SEO returns. No worries. Each photo and video has the option of adding titles, captions, descriptions and sometimes alternate titles. Place your keywords here and then add the keywords to your tag list. That will double the density of keywords while keeping everything relevant to your page.

Also, there is the advantage of having the best of both worlds. One can still narrate the artistic process with a few sentences here and there, separating the photo or video content while allowing for a nice pattern for the reader to follow (here’s an example from a local Chicago photographer). Consistency is key. Remember how everything will look on your website down to the last detail of sharing options being embedded within each post versus the sharing options being just on the main page. It all comes down to your choice and how you want to represent and sell your brand.

Here we not only give you a blend of video, photo and written content but also a blend of services from website updates, logo development and print design straight from Chicago. Don’t forget, we do it all… creatively.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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