What is Copywriting? Selling Your Company

What is Copywriting? Selling Your Company

You should know the answer to the question what is copywriting before you hire a copywriter. But you may think you already know.

Selling your company’s product or service may be a baffling job starting out. One of the most important details in getting your product out there is making sure your website and print materials contain clear, concise copywriting that doesn’t beat your audience over the head.

Please Define Copywriting

Put simply, copywriting is text used in any advertising or publicity, words meant to persuade, influence and entice.

Copywriting is the words on the page that describe what you want, what you’re doing and what you have to offer.

Effective Copywriting is Clear

To whom are we being clear? Our target audience. Choice of specific words help your potential customers have a clear understanding of exactly what your product is and why they should want it.

When a message is confusing people leave your site or turn the page to the next ad.

“Gee, I don’t really get what they’re all about. I like the product but I’d rather get it from a place that knows a little more about the industry.”

Your copywriter should know what you are selling and be aware of how to differentiate it from the competition in a way that is easy to understand.

Effective Copywriting is Concise

Especially when you are dealing with a limited amount of space and text for a single page ad it is important to be concise.

Get your point across, clearly, in as few words as possible. Be succinct.

Not only does this apply to great ad campaigns, it also applies to your blog. Remember, nowadays good online content is not only readable, it is scannable.

I know what you may be thinking.

“How am I supposed to keep my content clear and concise when I am supposed to be writing 300-500 or 500-700 words per blog article? Is there a way to find a balance.”

Finding the balance is of course the answer. When blogging, think of each section as one thought. Each of these thoughts tie back to the main thought. However, you may have only “scanned” around the article rather than reading it in its entirety.

To review an example, the main thought of this blog is to answer a question. “What is copywriting?” In order to remain clear and concise the article is divided into multiple sections:

  • An introduction
  • A quick definition of copywriting
  • Three sections elaborating on effective copywriting

There are so many old rules to follow when working with “SEO copywriting.” Everything has changed, is changing and will change even more over the years.

Do you still know SEO?

If your content is honest and avoids vague generalizations you are sure to get more readers, shares and thereby more conversions!

Effective Copywriting at Work

While answering the question “What is copywriting?” we have to consider some examples of ineffective copywriting. Here is a quick list of more “to do’s” while copywriting:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Tell your audience what’s in it for them
  3. Write from a “you” point of view
  4. Share the company beliefs and standards
  5. Call for a response and proofread, proofread, proofread

Want more? Read more about effective copywriting.

Follow these thoughts and more and you answer to what is copywriting will be on the page in front of you.


Nicholas Dale Taylor
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