Website Maintenance – Suggested Routine Check Ups

Website Maintenance – Suggested Routine Check Ups


Website maintenance should be as regular as your coffee breaks. Well, if you’re a big coffee drinker that is a bit of an exaggeration but too much is better than too little in our book. Routine is key. Here we offer a creative timeline for your website maintenance.

Who Does Your Website Maintenance

A good website design will take into account that most business owners do not have experience with coding language but will still need to perform regular updates. After all, no one wants to pay a web designer or programmer to address a problem as simple as changing important copy. Hence, you and hopefully one more member of your creative team will take the time to tackle these tasks.

Depending on the size of your company and online audience, maintaining your website could require daily routines to make the most of your website. This monthly timeline is suggested for small businesses.

Website Maintenance Calendar

Think about this calendar as a guideline that you can tweek and adapt to your own needs. That said, too much is better than too little. Plan on visiting/troubleshooting your website at the very least five times a month.

Week One – Update Your Blog

While not every website benefits from having a blog, it is a recommended way to keep creating content which makes your site look better to those crazy little crawlers sent out for search engine returns. An old blog where the newest post is from a year ago is actually worse than no blog at all (example of a site that caught our eye which suffers from an old blog). Get it done the first week of the month! Do this, and you have something to share across your social media platforms for the next few weeks. One blog a month is bare minimum, two is good while three to four is fantastic! Some video blogs even release on a daily basis so one article per month is absolutely feasible for ongoing maintenance to your website.

Week Two – Test Your Links

This is the best time to click on everything. Few things are more frustrating online than encountering that perfect page description only to click on it and get an error. Your pages should be there. If they are not what happens? The person who took the time to find your website usually leaves and looks elsewhere. It is kind of like being in a store and not getting the service you expect.

Week Three – Update/Engage/Search/Catch Up

Perform any necessary updates for pages, comments and WordPress itself. Also, check your comments and respond to your readers. Ideally, your response should happen within the same day but treat this week as a catch up in case you have missed this or other details. Lastly, search on your site for specific content and search on Google or Bing to see if your site is coming up when using relevant, target key words.

Week Four – Copy Review/Mobile Site

Read what you wrote. You will be amazed at how many slight errors or typos you find the first time you do this. Fix it!

Finally, do not neglect to visit your pages on a mobile device. Sometimes content does not translate well and can get lost in updates. Your mobile site should be just as good if not better than your desktop site!

Most Commonly Ignored Website Maintenance Issues

While some fixes will require contact with your website creator do what you can yourself!

Dead blogs and dead links are among the critical errors that absolutely deserve your attention. Check those return 404 errors and keep that blog updated once a month! Follow these and our other suggested tidbits while continuing to develop your website maintenance routine.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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