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Website Builder – What is Best?

Website builder options are more numerous today than ever. So, how do you know which website builder to use? Or worse yet, if you are hiring a website designer have you even asked them what platform they will be using?

Which to Choose

Every website builder has built in ups and downs. Here is a quick review of your main options followed by links to previous/related articles with some additional details.

Squarespace – If you are doing something on your own and building a website that needs a quick way to integrate a webstore Squarespace is a good choice. However, you must be able to afford the time it will take to learn this new template system and the time it will take to actually build the site (not to mention the $100 or so you gotta pay every year).

Wix – If you want a quick and easy contact site that can be up and ready in a matter of hours (provided your copywriting is already good to go) then choose Wix. Just be aware with wix there are zero cool tools for integrating SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is key is you want people to find your site.

WordPress – If you want the best and you have tried the rest, choose WordPress. Originally a blogger’s website, WordPress is now the choice for endless websites across an array of topics. It offers many templates and should you want to customize your website you can!

Why Choosing WordPress is Right

Once you have looked at all the options out there look at WordPress again (and if you want to look at the above listed website options in more detail just click here).

WordPress remains the best choice to showcase design, integrate SEO, create quick template based sites and provide the perfect platform for unique, custom websites.

WordPress is simple, clean and easy to use.

Let us pretend that you have commissioned Andiamo Creative to make your custom WordPress site. Once your website goes live (meaning it is up on the web for the whole wide world to view) you receive a quick training session on how to navigate the WordPress dashboard allowing you to update your website content as needed. Also, keep in mind, you should update your website regularly so that the information on your company, service or product remains current. Plus, since WordPress originally started as a place for bloggers, integrating SEO across your site is a synch and the addition of a blog is highly recommended.

Still Unsure What Website Builder is Right for You?

We at Andiamo Creative choose WordPress as the platform for all of our website builder needs. Speaking of website builder, help us help you make the decision of choosing Andiamo Creative to be your choice for customizing websites with WordPress!

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