Webmaster Tools Rules – Highly Useful for Improving Google Rankings and SEO

Webmaster Tools Rules – Highly Useful for Improving Google Rankings and SEO

webmaster toolsDo you use webmaster tools? Improving search engine rankings is absolutely necessary for any business wanting the most out of their web traffic. Today we look at a standard tool to help you make page one, Google webmaster tools!

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Maybe you have heard of webmaster tools but still have no idea what it is much less why it is useful. Let’s fix that.

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service allowing you to collect data on how those surfing the web are finding your company. Here are a few main points to know when using this great gizmo for improving Google rankings.

  • Checking Crawl Errors
  • Searching Search Queries
  • Submitting Sitemaps

Now for the first two in review.

Checking Crawl Errors

If someone does a search and gets their results from Google, thinks “hmm… interesting,” then clicks on it, what do you think happens when they get a web page error?

Chances are they will not stick around to figure it out. Webmaster tools allows you to see the URL errors that are coming up (or rather, aren’t coming up) & how web surfers are attempting to link to that specific page.

For example, sometimes for SEO (get some more tips) adjusting existing URLs is necessary . When a site has a good set of internal links (pages linking to one another within the site) and hyperlinks are not adjusted to link to the amended URL this will return an error. This is because the URL for that link no longer exists.

Stay on top of these errors and help everyone searching your site find what they need.

Now for the most important tidbit for improving Google rankings.

Searching Search Queries

What is a search query? A search query is the specific word or words a person uses when looking for information to satisfy their interest. Here’s an example:

Susie is looking for kid’s birthday parties in Chicago so she types in “kid’s birthday parties.” Her friend Janie is helping her find just the right venue for Johnny’s 8th birthday party. Janie types in “birthday party for kids.”

These are both similar. Yet, they are different queries and as such yield different search engine results. Try it.

The beauty of Google Webmaster Tools is you can see the specific queries made & how many clicks those queries are acquiring for your site.

It’s highly useful for SEO developers set on improving Google rankings (or any search engine rankings for that matter).

We will save “Submitting Sitemaps,” for another sunny day but maybe you still have a big question.

Isn’t Google Analytics the Same as Google Webmaster Tools?

Remember, webmaster tools shows you how people are finding your site. Analytics shows you the people’s behavior once they are there. Link the two to maximize your data.

Speaking of “maximize your data,” keep using this cool tool to creatively build an awesome keyword content base & you will be on your way to improving & eventually maximizing Google rankings for your business.

Start using Google Webmaster Tools: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQxHK05BGWI

Learn more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COcl6ax38IY

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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