Volumes of Marketing (2 of 2)

Volumes of Marketing (2 of 2)

MaxPicking up where we left off in part one of two, volumes of marketing continues into a more current time.

After the first televised commercials marketing was ready to make new giant steps. Telemarketing systemization came to be in the 1940’s, E-commerce was invented during the 1970’s while database and relationship marketing emerged during the 1980’s, not to mention the always unwanted internet spam. Relationship marketing remains one of the more important as it encourages and promotes customer loyalty. You want your customers satisfied with the product and or service offered so that they will return for future purchases while encouraging their family, friends and co-workers to do the same. Right? Why would we at Andiamo want anything different?

We will deliver your company’s marketing needs, first and foremost your new or refreshed website. If your online presence has not been touched since the inception of guerrilla marketing of the 80’s you are probably due for a more creative touch. Just as the Dot-com bubble redefined the future of the market we want to help co-define your company’s fresh, polished presence across multiple mediums ranging from traditional to digital. Now, who has thoughts on viral marketing?

The late 1990’s brought about the defining moments for the meaning of viral. Anything can go viral, a blog, a youtube video, an email, an image, you name it. If it travels through mouths of millions or countless clicks across the various sharing platforms and social media then it has made an impact.  Yet, how does your company achieve such a gargantuatan goal. Look at all the volumes of marketing at your disposal and get your team working to see what works for you.

Regardless of your avenue for branding, logos, email campaigns, direct mail, print, magazine ads and the creative, Andiamo assists your company develop and improve an advertising presence for the future.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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