Volumes of Marketing (1 of 2)

Volumes of Marketing (1 of 2)

GUT-252x300When starting a new business it can be overwhelming to choose an avenue of promotions. This two-part article delivers a breakdown of the many available options for your company beginning with the volumes of marketing part one.

Marketing origins can be traced all the way back to the 1400’s with Gutenberg’s metal movable type which eventually led to the first mass-production of both brochures and flyers. These efforts still exist today. We have all encountered people on the streets of Chicago passing out free pamplets or flyers promoting new venues, causes or services. After the emergence of magazines in the 1730’s over a century passed before the first recorded advertisement landed on a magazine page. Shortly thereafter in 1864 marketing made the first massive unsolictied “spam,” with the telegraph. The tradition and evolved forms of every aforementioned options are available to you from Andiamo Creative as we have, can and will create all of your company’s need for print design including brochures, magazine ads and direct mail.

Now let us visit the evolution of trademarks, branding, and the first logos. Some of the earliest examples of trademarks date back to the Roman Empire. This was necessary for blacksmiths to distinguish their swords, armor, etc. from other blacksmiths. Markings or initials were sometimes used for such distinction. Trademarks, branding and logos are often used interchangeably. Yet, it was not until 1875 that Bass Brewery’s logo became the first image to be officially trademarked. Leaping from such great history right up to the present you find yourself on a creative resource page for your branding and logo needs.

Another type of marketing emerged in 1922, radio advertising followed by the creation of computers in the 1940’s. This advancement in technology coupled well with the first recorded television advertisement which happened in 1941.

Knowing such fun facts of history is just another way of keeping you entertained while reminding you that we offer you volumes of marketing needs that fit the robust challenges in today’s competitive market. Read on through part two to see how we continue to help you, creatively.

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Nicholas Dale Taylor
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