Security Updates – Importance of Updating to WordPress 4.0

Security Updates – Importance of Updating to WordPress 4.0

Perhaps some of you are wondering if updating to WordPress 4.0 is worth the time it will take to do it yourself or the money it will cost to outsource.

Updating to WordPress 4.0 is a Must

While not every WordPress update proves immediately critical there are those which are worth a sense of urgency. WordPress 4.0 is one of those updates. Wondering why?

Tighten Up Your Security

The main reason for the sense of urgency behind this update is the ssl security enhancement.

“Well I don’t even know what that means so I fail to see the importance behind it. Is there a problem with our site right now?”

First, you may be wondering what exactly ssl security means:

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server & browsers remain private and integral.

Essentially whenever someone is sending information over your website such as a shipping address, phone number or credit card information that data is protected from lurking eyes by SSL. It is a basic security protocol.

Updating to WordPress 4.0 tightens ssl security. Without the update the information being sent between the browser & the server hosting your website is more susceptible. Unfriendly folk may intercept that data & use it in a not so friendly way.

Can I Do This Myself?

Answering this questions involves the long and short of it. If you have the working knowledge of deleting & updating the files on your host site (or have the many hours it would take to overcome this learning curve) then yes you could. The problem is whether your theme, customizations and plugins are compatible with the new software.

Most major upgrades, such as the WP 4.0 upgrade, have the potential to ‘break’ your theme. This means that after the upgrade, your site may not look right, or work right, or might even not show up at all. It is our job to usher your upgrade through, ensuring no downtime and no loss of visuals or functionality. After the upgrade, the if any areas of your site have been broken, they will need to be recoded to work as before but within the new software. This requires a programmer conversant in php, javascript, html, css, and any number of other coding languages that may have been used in the development of your site.

We also recommend that you update all of your plugins, which can cause the same problem as updating the software and the theme. Collectively, this will not be a quick task if you have to learn how to do all of this. It is not a quick task even if you already have the know-how.

Do you want to invest a big chunk of your time in learning how to do this only to make a simple error which will then require you to outsource the job anyway?

“I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. I say we just wait until the next one in a year or so.”

You may also still be of the mindset that this is just one of many updates to come & you will catch the next one… or the next one. Bottom line, the longer you wait to upgrade the longer (& more complicated) the process. You should update your site at least once (if not twice) annually.

Other Reasons for Upgrading to WordPress 4.0

As with all upgrades there are numerous bug fixes & changes set on doing more with less. This update is great for the author who uses media in their posts. The embedded media enhancement to this upgrade is notably one of the best improvements.

Remember, if you are an Andiamo Creative client get on board with upgrading to WordPress 4.0 today & we will make sure your site gets the update it deserves.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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