Your Unique Website – Custom Designed WordPress Site

Your Unique Website – Custom Designed WordPress Site

Our main service at Andiamo Creative is creating custom designed WordPress sites.

The team at Andiamo Creative is dedicated to making your brand stand out among the competition and there is no better way to do that than by having one our custom designed WordPress sites.

Advantages With Custom Designed WordPress Sites?

More than anything you want your company website to be unique, easy to navigate and specific to your brand. With a custom layout you get all of this & more.

Prior to building your site we have clients complete a creative brief so we can see in plain black and white the goals set in motion for the new website launch. Designing the website around these goals is important and critical. Your company might specialize in Australian wines with a goal to increase online sales while another company wants to simply publish their credentials on being the best option for dental care in Chicago.

Your goals influence the design and overall layout of the site. We will look more at specific types of websites in the next section. Before that you may want to take a look back at our previous article to see the bells & whistles as to why WordPress is the best choice for websites.

What Site is Right for Your Brand?

Even before starting the creative brief from Andiamo Creative you should ask yourself, “What do I want from this website?” Essentially there are three main categories into which all online sites are placed.

1) Websites Sell Products

This is the majority of all websites. Selling products online creates a new stream of income for your company and (if you have a storefront) can also translate into increased foot traffic at your location thereby not only increasing online sales but store sales as well.

2) Websites Generate Leads

Perhaps your company is not selling a product but rather a service. Websites are an invaluable resource for generating new clients. Have your site developed for SEO (such as with a company blog) to get the most online traffic!

3) Websites Publish Credentials

Regardless of the nature of your business having a website is standard. The company website is the hub of all things online for your brand and best way to say to the world wide web that your company is established & recognized.

Make sure you have a concrete decision on which category or categories best fit your company interests.

What were those categories again?

  • Websites that Sell Products
  • Websites that Generate Leads
  • Websites that Publish Credentials

Now that you have a good grasp on those categories & the advantages of having a unique site contact us to get the creative conversation started.

Your brand wins with custom designed WordPress sites.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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