Creating a Tweeting Presence – Twitter for Dummies

Creating a Tweeting Presence – Twitter for Dummies

This article is basically Twitter for Dummies crammed into 500 words. Creating a presence on twitter can be frustrating & confusing to someone who is just starting an online presence with social media. If you think you know it all about twitter this article may prove you wrong with some tips for using Twitter on both a personal and professional level.

You Can Succeed with Twitter for Dummies

There are three topics you need to review regardless of if you want a personal account or one managed for your company & those are accessibility, engagement and etiquette.

Twitter for Dummies – Accessibility

After reading a cheat sheet about the book “Twitter for Dummies,” I actually learned something. There are three primary ways to access your Twitter account:

  1. Computer – sign in to your account and tweet away (you can even install Silverbird or a related plug-in so you can tweet faster and more directly)
  2. Smart Phone or Tablet – download the app and get your tweet on (the fast majority of tweeters engage this way… good to know)
  3. Texting – if you are old school and do not have a smart phone you can still text a tweet which posts directly to your account

Until today I had no idea number three was even an option. Other options for engagement include managing your Twitter content through a third party such as Edgar or Buffer. They are both excellent!

Twitter for Dummies – Engagement

Provide a relevant link which continues the conversation at your website or blog. Include hashtags (#) to help users discover your post.  Mention users by the “@” symbol to increase awareness of key individuals. Follow people with related interests and occasionally retweet them. Request your followers retweet you by occasionally included “RT” at the end of your tweet. Lastly, if you are a business set up a response so that new followers will instantly receive a direct messsage (DM) providing them with your url.

Twitter for Dummies – Etiquette

Keep it under 140 characters but do not leave your audience short. Do not open an account & immediately follow hundreds of people; build your account slowly & your engagement will benefit. Post as often as you like but do not abuse the @ mention. One to three posts per day is standard. Direct message to avoid overusing the @ mention. Lastly, of course, never mention anything on Twitter that you wish to remain private.

Want more simple advice about starting a Twitter account? Check out seven simple tips from this related article here at Andiamo.

Learn and Listen with Tweets

If you are a business owner & believe twitter is just for dummies you are missing out on a new & fresh way of engaging customers. Engaging is not only a marketing opportunity to promote your product or service but also an excellent opportunity to establish relationships & improve your brand.

Examples of Customer Engagement from Twitter

  • Checking in
  • Reviewing a product
  • Replying to a advertisement or review
  • Clicking retweet or favorite on your post
  • Asking a question or placing a request via direct message

Remember, any lost opportunity to engage with your customer base is exactly that, a lost opportunity. The bird is the word to continue to provide customer service. Get your wings flapping together & connect!

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