The New Rules of Marketing and PR (second edition)

The New Rules of Marketing and PR (second edition)

The-New-Rules-of-Marketing-and-PR-9780470547816-200x300With a title like this, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to reach Buyers Directly (second edition), author David Meerman Scott frankly details what you will learn from this book.

Dividing this book into three parts leaves the voracious reader with a reasonable goal of gobbling up one per day. Part 1 “How the Web has Changed the Rules of Marketing and PR,” compares the ineffectiveness of the old rules for PR and marketing to the new approach involving all the techniques listed in the lengthy title above.

We have heard the saying “stuck in their ways,” and here the writer lets us know those finding themselves “stuck” in these old rules will be less likely to develop a needed niche. These special interest categories not only automatically set your company apart from numerous competitors but also, as in the Konshin case study, ups the value of your product as an “information rich resource,” ultimately transforming your site from “product-centric” to “buyer-centric” (pg 33). “Content turns browsers into buyers” (pg 34). This makes sense as truly informative, relevant content will attract an audience that will benefit from your product thus benefiting your company and potentially starting a great word of mouth exchange (or word of mouse exchange).

Part 2, “Web-Based Communications to Reach Buyers Directly,” defines many online options. Social media vs. social networking is explained. We see examples of Facebook power when over 15,000 people attend a tattoo show in Singapore (pg. 40). And for those searching for work, we see how even Twitter feeds can result in employment (pg. 43). Scott talks about other forms of networking, blogs, Wiki (and I learned what a listserv is) the possible parties that can start with SEO,  and the phenomenon of the World Wide Wave. Participation in online forums is critical! No one should expect to receive recognition in a sphere where their company has a silent presence. What Scott is saying during this section is that being active will show that you actually care about being a part of this online community.

If you do really care it will prove infectious, just like a well exchanged smile. One of the most important things discussed in Part 3 “Action Plan for Harnessing the Power of the New Rules,” is buyers persona. Remember, “you’re writing for your buyers, not your own ego (pg 133). In this writing, multi-media is a great asset. Learn about podcasts and the value of videos for Vimeo and Youtube, white papers, e-books, the frequency of newsletters and avoiding annoying, overused buzz words. Going back to our lengthy title, here is an excerpt from the end of Chapter 11 (pg. 150):

It isn’t about “the message.” It’s about being insightful. The New Rules of Marketing and PR tell us to stop advertising and instead get our ideas out there by understanding buyers and telling them the stories that connect with their problems. The new rules are to participate in the discussions going on, not just try to shout your message over everyone else. Done well, Web content that delivers authentic thought leadership also brands an organization as one to do business with.

At its greatest potential this book is globally changing the face of business.

In short bursts or at length, this read will educate those who have yet to embrace the strength of online circles and further educate those who already started. It helps to know The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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