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Today I saw the Super Bowl XLIX Logo & realized that I could no longer read roman numerals. I decided to investigate & in my little search of self-education I found some interesting facts about the Super Bowl logo designs. Did you know the logo has only been consistent & current since 2010?

Building A Super Brand

Branding is everything & within branding consistency is key. Prior to 2010 this giant, celebratory sports event known as the Super Bowl lacked just that.

Every year the logo was different.

If you look back across the various logos before 2010 you will see some rad, eccentric designs with big sharp edges & lettering splashed with random colors & even more random fonts.

While you may have your favorites across these nearly 50 great games, to maximize brand exposure a logo needs to be definitive & instantly recognizable across all advertising. It should strike you from afar, bring you in for detail & be applicable in varied scale. Take a look at how the logos changed & how since 2010 the NFL has been building a super brand.

History from Super Bowl Logo XLIX

While there was no branding established on the inauguaral game of January 15, 1967, the following year looks as if an attempt was made… a failed attempt. Since 1968 only one element of the logos remains consistent, the roman numerals.

Looking across a decade (specifically between 1982 and 1992) you can see what seems to be consitency with color… at least to some extent. Yet, that is broken with the absence of red ongoing for many years, giving rise to schemes dominated by yellow & blue. Notice the big change in 2009 & get ready for the big move of 2010.

“Given the Super Bowl’s global size and scale we really wanted a design that was permanent and that really could emphasize the prestige and stature of the game,” said Mark Waller, chief marketing officer of the NFL back in 2010. – source,

Judging from the zany variations of the Super Bowl logos it looks as if they sent this through a crowdsourcing extravaganza (not a good thing). Implementing a more permanent, professional design was a good choice for the NFL.

A Statuesque, Powerful Impact

Putting it simply, the Super Bowl XLIX Logo & those since 2010 stand statuesque, remain adaptable to the current Super Bowl (through the addition of the stadium background image) & have a powerful impact. The towering trophy & shining football stand clear & prominent atop the words “Super Bowl.” Just under that you can see the current roman numerals depicting the game is on again!

Now far be it from me to feign interest in sports. However, I like most enjoy a sense of comradery & the spirit of competition. Hats off to the games that have been united by this iconic image of sports history. May the best team win!

Build your Brand

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