Nicholas Dale Taylor - 03/15/2014 - Copywriting / Creative Process / Wordpress Websites

RCW-robot-296x300Starting a website is no quick job, especially if you want it done right. RobotCity Workshop has decided to get it done right, the creative way.

A little over a month ago the dialogue started for the new RCW website (click here for the first dialogue). With the creative brief complete and the team ready to move forward the next steps include reviewing the site map, approving the initial draft of the new website design and finally creating new copy for the site. “We’re finally going to have a new website!”

“First, let’s look at the site map.” The site map is essentially a breakdown of the menu navigation options offered on a site. For example a site map with an “About Us” page may contain sub-pages such as “Contact Us” or “Job Openings.” The present site map needed some revision. Specifically, the  “Workshops” pages have received a complete overhaul & new sections for “News” & the “Blog” have been added. These updates will be great and the “blog will help us develop the keyword content we need for SEO!” That was me talking.

Next, we looked at the design. The present website design has been entirely abandoned. Originally the idea for the new site was a large, talking robot head. Rochelle, Meghan and myself were all excited for this. However, after seeing the idea manifest the owner, Greg Gilla, decided the image was too “dominating” for the page and spoke with Rochelle concerning changes. The initial draft went through a few revisions, looks great and is approved by all!

Our new site has now found its way into the programming stage. Now we find ourselves at the finish line for creating the necessary copy. Copy is essentially all of the text and content presented throughout the website. Once the copy has been delivered our site will jump into the beta-testing stage where we can review the work. Once approved our new site will go live!

The staff at RobotCity Workshop could not be more excited for the new and vastly improved website and we owe it the creative hands of those at Andiamo Creative.

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