Springy Website Navigation

Springy Website Navigation

spring-248x300This Spring we look forward to finally being out of the dark while shining new light on navigation as a fun, functional, innovative way to add a unique look to your website.

While surfing the web for the latest logo news I came across a fun article called 50 Creative Websites with Highly Unusual Navigation by Jameel Khan. Without realizing it, I spent thirty minutes playing on pages with menus of the non-traditional persuasion. I realized, “Maybe I should share this.” Now, the article is over a year old so for those of you who wanting to click away and find your own favorites be forewarned some of the websites no longer exist. This certainly lays out a fact. Navigation is not the most pertinent factor to consider when creating a website but, if done appropriately for your brand, it will set you apart from competitors through sheer navigating spectacle. Here are a few of my favorites.

Case Studies is full of impact. The site has a menu stretched across the center plane while all the related projects under each individual tab float in the background and are highlighted as a mouse over effect when a visitor makes a selection. And it has the option of  a simpler, linear menu.

Alexbuga is gorgeous, personal and inviting. The menu lay out is like you walked into an artist’s home, opened their bookshelves and looked at their work. It also contains a simple scroll out menu if you hover over the logo.

Studio Stemler is sleek, stunning and simply elegant in its visual appeal. The menu layout is delivered in a block, calendrical style hinting at not only class but definite organization.

While I was partial to one site called Nickad (for obvious reasons) I figured plugging a corporate entity best. Should anyone doubt edgy menus can work for big companies take a look at Samsung Mobile.

Here’s to looking for new, creative websites and enjoying a new season filled with springy website navigation!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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