Social Networking Clicks

Social Networking Clicks

iStock_000019036334XSmallIn light of my most recent book review, Click by Ori and Rom Brafman, I chose to discuss a lighter yet more abundant way of connecting: liking, following, sharing and suggesting. Of course, I’m talking about choices in the array of social networking but let’s begin in a more personal, real-life way.

Yesterday I found myself on set as Assistant Director for the new film We Grew Up Here. During the sixteen hour workday I met more than a few people with whom I “clicked.” Towards the end of the night I noticed Josh was taking a photo with Instagram. Getting his attention between takes I showed him a photo I had just shared.

“What are you using?” he asks.

“I’ll tell you after we wrap.”

An hour later, “So, after I take a photo I can automatically post to my Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts and my tweets link to my LinkedIn account,” I said.


We decided to hashtag our posts (#WeGrewUpHere) and encourage other crew members to follow the example. Speaking of example let us look at those four things I mentioned earlier.

Liking is one click away on Facebook. The more people that like a page or a post the higher it will appear in others ongoing feed. Commenting on posts also helps create attention. That said, you can like our Facebook page at this link.

Following is a click away on Twitter. It’s pretty simple, the more people following, retweeting and responding to your tweets the bigger the outreach.

Sharing is way of posting someone’s website, photo, article, etc. to any of your various social networks. Most finds have indicator icons allowing a quick share to be, yet again, a click away. For instance, on this very site you can share articles on subjects ranging from book reviews, new corporate logos, rad web-design and more all mixed with tiny autobiographical images from my life.

Suggesting is related to sharing. Here you are providing incentive for your online click to like, follow or share something. Our blog has suggested numerous pages most of which were creatively designed by that Chicago design firm to which you should subscribe, … us (like how I did that?).

Get the buzz for your company! And if you need to hire a web designer you clicked on the right page of creative development. Just think, we could even design a page for the movies you are making.

“That’s a wrap,” for social networking clicks.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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