Sharing Nicely Packaged Content

Sharing Nicely Packaged Content

Two Thumbs Up With BirdsWith the holidays closing & a new year in sight extend your hands into action & develop those much needed relationships across social media, marketing strategies & the creative process.

Find a company or fellow creator to partner with in action. I am going to help the Andiamo Creative facebook page reach the next “like” milestone. Have you done this for someone before? Social media requires action from friends to remain relevant in the mix of today’s highly competitive creative market. I love social media but understand some people loathe the idea of it being a marketing tool. I frame it as the thought, “The whole internet is a digital stage and we are all merely bloggers.” The “I’ll like your stuff if you like my stuff” approach only works as the occasional requested favor. A person “likes” something because they connect with it in a certain way. It makes them laugh, provokes thought or simply entertains them. Ask the questions “What does your ‘stuff’ have to offer and does our ‘stuff’ compliment one another?” Then get to creating.

It all comes back to content. You want to create content across your media outlets that will inspire people to SHARE it across theirs.

Perhaps you consider yourself a solo creator. Collaboration is an excellent way to not only invite another audience to view your “stuff” but an awesome way to create in a new way which can lead to new ideas or a break through in the creative process!

The marketing strategy is always going to involve other people. We not only want you to find the individuals that will help with your marketing strategies, we want to be one of them.

Hold true to lending the helping hand & you are sure to find your company invested in a mutually beneficial relationship; if that helping hand reaches for website design, new logos or an entirely fresh brand then you are at the site which offers creatively rewarding service, nicely packaged!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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