iStock_000014860675XSmall-300x225This St. Patrick’s Day let’s take a look at how to have a fortune filled opportunity for your company through having the best SEO. Here we catch not leprechauns but animals as real as the panda and the penguin.

Just a little over a year ago Google released Panda, a new algorithm with the purpose of weeding out the good from the ugly. After many updates throughout the year, the artificial intelligence became more effective for allowing quality pages to achieve higher rankings while keeping low quality pages off the list. One of the most affective updates throughout the year included the roll out of Penguin which fights against what I call the dark arts of SEO such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, duplicate content and of course the horcrux (well, that last one is a Harry Potter reference). Now time to visit the brighter tactics you can employ for better SERPs.

Thankfully, Google results have started to focus on the value of the content. I mean really, what good is a pretty page if you lack originality? Increase the value of your page how? Make your content original, the more original the better. Keep your content relevant. No linking to pages that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. Other valuable factors include the speed of your page and how responsive the page interacts with mobile surfers. Gotta keep moving if you’re going to get to the end of the rainbow.

A relatively new tactic is that of authorship markup. Simply, this is where your face will appear beside the description of your page in the rankings. People tend to embrace the human face online and are more apt to click on the smile of a lady or gent rather than a lonely description.

I’m afraid social signals is too broad a topic to cram into one shiny article. So, let’s save that until next time. However, stay current by reading some SEO blogs I found helpful:

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Some final words of wisdom come to us directly from Michael Wyszomierski of Google’s search quality team. Check out the quick video here to make sure you’re not hurting the quality of your page through webspam content violations.

Keep up the good work with SEO and this fun, festive holiday will sure bring you some lucky returns.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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