SEO & YouTube (part You)

SEO & YouTube (part You)

SEO exists everywhere on the web, even YouTube. As part of my high-five series (where I find good tips, lists and other knowledge and narrow them down to the best five)  it’s time to share some tips for better SEO on your YouTube page.

YouTube has proved an amazing outlet for instructional videos, up and coming star performers and of course, funny cat stuff. You want your funny cat to go viral? Well, take a look at some of the best tips I’ve found to increase SEO for you and your cat:

  1. TITLES- Needs to catch the eye. Stand out! However, keep it relevant and MIRROR your TITLE IN YOUR TAGS!
  2. TAGS- Use these! Plan on using at least 12 per post and putting the MOST IMPORTANT TAGS FIRST and use the entire 120 character limit if you can! Put phrases in quotation marks and mix it up by using both common, suggested tags and highly specific tags. It’s also important to have some of these tags IN YOUR TITLE (as I already mentioned) and VIDEO DESCRIPTION.
  3. DESCRIPTIONS- It is important for these to be succinct while highlighting the most important details that will catch the most eye (such as CAT GIVES THUMBS UP). Also, here is the place to share all of your links. Paste LINKS to ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA!
  4. ANNOTATIONS- Use these! These are great for not only reminding viewers to give your video a thumbs up and subscribe but also to suggest other great videos or channels. Videos that link to other videos and channels rank higher.
  5. PLAYLISTS- Finally! ORGANIZING your videos into playlists makes your channel’s content more favorable to the YouTube algorithm for determining the value of your content.

Put these tips into place and keep cranking out content for your YouTube page and read the follow up post to this article, SEO & YouTube (part Tube) which will focus on becoming a YouTube partner and monetizing your videos. Stay creative cats!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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