SEO & YouTube (part Tube)

SEO & YouTube (part Tube)

As a follow up article to SEO & YouTube (part You), here are some extra tips to make your page stand out, get higher returns and eventually benefit from monetization.

Let us suppose that you have read and implemented some of the tips from the previous article. You have used some great titles and a variety of tags, written detailed info in the description while providing links, placed annotations and even organized your videos into play lists. What now?

Basics are key. The easiest things to do for your page to help it stand out is to do the following:

  1. Have an awesome profile picture of either your face or your logo!
  2. Create an original banner (the big photo behind your profile picture) to advertise your current show, website or just the channel itself (or at least use one of the generic photos YouTube offers)… have a banner people!!
  3. Select one of your best videos to be the trailer for the page or better yet make an actually trailer advertising your page and what it’s all about and why people should subscribe!!!

Now, on to more SEO tips for higher returns.

One of the biggest contributing factors in the YouTube algorithm is comments.


Comments are great. The more the better. And the funny thing is, even the negative comments help you. Once your video receives a comment you should respond to this comment. Not only that but you should respond to the comment within the first two hours of the comment being posted. This shows that you are paying attention to the page; this helps the video’s ranking. Respond to those comments!

“Better late than never but the sooner the better!”

Also remember as with any site, consistency is key. So, release those videos on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis. Now, on to becoming a YouTube partner and monetizing your videos.

Becoming a YouTube partner is a simple matter of clicking a few buttons after signing in to your account. Need help figuring it out? Why not watch this YouTube video? Once you are a YouTube partner to monetize your videos simply go to your video manager and click on the dollar sign to the right of the video. MAKE SURE ALL THE CONTENT IN THE VIDEO IS YOUR ORIGINAL WORK! Otherwise, your account could be flagged.

Why monetize? Well, that will have to wait until another creative article. Until then go to my company’s comedy channel, subscribe, click thumbs up and comment!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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