helpful-tips-150x150While surfing job postings on Craigslist I found a fit with Andiamo Creative as a content writer/guest blogger landing me as the guy for web traffic with my on SEO self-learned tips. Here I “share” the one, two and three but before we go there here is a little introduction.

Upon being hired the first task I gave myself was simply reading all the blog entries. This gave me a sense of the content Rochelle and staff already created and revealed opportunity to improve upon existing content. Not to mention, it also taught me a thing or two as in Content is King When it Comes to SEO, Learning to love black jelly beans, 6 Essential points to a good logo, etc. Moving forward, I brainstormed legitimate topics and whittled ideas down to the most relevant categories including but not limited to community events, local businesses and book reviews. Now onto the one, two three:

  1. keywords: these are very important words within your article which if optimized lead to an increase in rank from search engine returns, limiting these to 10 per article is recommended
  2. sharing: this includes embedding hyperlinks within your post to “share” other relevant links, “sharing” across the social mediascape and “sharing” via word of mouth
  3. regularity: something we all strive for in old age, but seriously, in the blogging zone posting new content at least once a week is critical

You can read as many books on marketing as you want and they will each offer tricks of trade but if you stray away from basic principles the specific details suffer.

It has been about two months and this is my 9th article for the company so I thought it was time for a little self-review. It is time to see what has worked, what has worked better and why. Regarding number one, relevant keyword density I believe the best method is none other than book reviews. Reviewing books highly related to your business allows for seemless creation of legitimate tags while demonstrating knowledge of your field. When you have a page literally stuffed with the right tags you get a masterfully high-ranking page such as Google, Wikipedia or Fandango. In addition, a bonus keyword can be added to the caption of the book photo which can be hyperlinked to a site selling the book. This is excellent and gives us a smooth transition into number two, sharing.

“Sharing” can be made easy at least the time around by linking your blog to post automatically to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and can be managed through a nice find of mine, Yet, in this age of digital speed do not forget the importance about word of mouth. A lot of my articles involve a sense of outreach: going to events, interviewing local business owners & helping it all connect.

Lastly, number three, regularity, remains self-explanatory and couldn’t have been more personally proven to me than as during my absence from my personal blog during these last three weeks. I’d show you the decline in traffic, but you know, it’s personal. And on a personal note of thanks to Rochelle thank you for taking a page from Timothy Ferriss and outsourcing some work. I enjoy it.

And thanks to you all for reading SEO self-learned tips from your leading Uptown creative, Andiamo Creative.

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