RobotCity’s Rockin’ – New & Improved Website Helps Sales

RobotCity’s Rockin’ – New & Improved Website Helps Sales

New & Improved Website Helps Sales

Ever questioned whether or not a new & improved website helps sales? Here is a specific case study to help you see one of our client’s return of investment.

Website Helps Sales Online

This was the one factor of which I remained certain. The old website was so slow.

Do you know how long someone waits before they will click away from a screen that is stalling? It happens within the blink of an eye.

Most people simply will not wait more than a second (or 3.5 seconds at most) for a page to load. What happens when the page they are waiting for is the item from your online store?

They leave.

If you have read any of the dialogue following the “Starting a New Website” series concerning RobotCity Workshop you will read that the company elected to hold on integrating the online store with the new site. However, a lot of works was done by the RCW office staff to improve the existing online store and integrate it with the new site.

This paired with maintaining a consistent blog with related sales and special offers have helped online sales.

Think of what will happen once the online store is seamlessly integrated with the current site. Sales will certainly reach another spike.

Workshop Sign-ups Increase

During the initial creative brief with Andiamo Creative the company expressed the main goal for the new website to notable improve online sign-ups for the various services. Since the launch of the new website sign-ups have improved across the board.

When paired with enhanced navigation, overall clarity and implementing SEO throughout this new website helps sales in tremendous way.

“Across more than five years of business we have never had so many sign-ups during one Summer. The whole staff is super pleased with the new site.”

Having a company see results in this short span of time is a huge testament to the long term benefits of improving an existing website.

Are you still having trouble deciding why having a good website is important for your company?

In Store Sales Improve Since Website Launch

Now consider the obvious.

“People sign up online & come to the store for a class, date night or a birthday party. A good percentage of those people also buy something additional while browsing the store after class.”

More foot traffic always results in more sales. If those people had not come into the store they may never have found that cute little robot.

It’s just another way the website helps sales.

Still not convinced? Numbers do not tell lies and while respecting the privacy of this business we have been give permission to release this percentage:

Comparing Summer 2013 sales and sign-ups with 2014 sales and sign-ups shows a notable 34% increase. It’s actually been our best summer yet!”

Let us at Andiamo Creative set your organization on the path to more online traffic, increased conversions & improved profits. It will all start when you see how your new & improved website helps sales!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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