Providing Websites (for function)

Providing Websites (for function)

iStock_000015360461XSmallWhile reading news online today I found an awesome article, Time Tech section, 50 Best Websites 2013. After reading the brief blip about their selections I decided to snag five for what I’m calling my “high five for function,” (I guess I just quoted myself).

I’m reminded of an episode of the Simpsons where Homer makes his first website and automatically expects visitors. The website features a lot of annoying little things… and it just looks cluttered and stupid. Lisa informs her father that his website should offer people something. That brings me to content.

Back in Spring I wrote an article called “Springy Website Navigation,” which featured “unique navigation, cool menus and sleek websites,” (there I go quoting myself again). Now I want to focus solely on function. Here are my high fives:

For information (facts and how to’s)

  • TEND is a website resource for all the parents out there wanting those helpful hints regarding recipes, crafts for kids and some simple smart mom advice
  • TWIT (This Week in Tech) provides all the latest news for the latest gadgets, advances in technology and timely tech “how to” videos

For services (organization and design)

  • theSWIZZLE promises to alleviate all the inbox clutter by scanning and clumping all the commercial emails elsewhere while gathering everything else into one “simple daily digest”
  • PIXLR … probably a spot on quote “most popular online photo editor in the world”

For me (I used this while writing this article)

  • COFFITIVITY creates an ambiance of being in a coffee house… after hitting this site, my writing just started to flow
  • (random bullet inserted to satisfy my online OCD for formatting)

There you have it. My high five steal from Time’s 50 Best Websites 2013. Regardless of how fancy your website might be, if it offers little you may have fallen victim to a Homer Simpson web syndrome. Stay away from the clutter and highlight the service you provide with a new template based or custom website design from Andiamo Creative.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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