Rochelle Weiner Carr - 01/01/2011 - Marketing Strategy / Public Relations / SEO / Wordpress Websites

A few weeks ago I reported that I have started an experiment. Not having personally explored the possibilities of SEO enhancement through online list directories, I thought I'd give it a try. I'd been hearing about it and reading about it over the years but never spent any time researching it myself. However, on doing a little reading this seems like a pretty simple thing to do, and inexpensive in most cases, and thought it was worth a look. You never know if the party will be fun until you get there, right?

So - I knocked on a few doors, bottle of wine in hand.

I was already on Sortfolio - a free online directory hosted by 37 Signals - so I updated my profile there. Then I created a profile on DesignFirms and paid Yahoo Directories $300 to add Andiamo Creative to their list. I also submitted our site to DMOZ - a highly respected and highly selective free directory. I've not heard from DMOZ yet, but I hope to soon.

We're through the door - progress!

I've been monitoring search engine ratings and site statistics and I can report I've seen improvement.

We've been on page 1 for a long time when searching "Graphic Design Firms Chicago", but since starting this endeavor I've  been tracking Graphic Designer Chicago" and "Graphic Design Chicago". Prior to this experiment, we were nowhere to be seen (well at least not in the first 30 or so pages that I've scrolled through looking for our name). But since applying to these directories, suddenly we've been hovering around page 9 to page 12 with little exception for the past few weeks.

Also, I've seen a slow climb in site visits from new users - hovering around about a 5-10% increase (not including Christmas week). So - things are looking up.

Ok, ok, we're not part of the jet-set yet...

So today, I just submitted our name to the WOW directory and the Web World Index, waiting for approval. Remember - don't add too many at once. Pace yourself or you'll lose status. Nobody likes an interloper. And stay tuned for the next update!

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