Post Love (Valentines)

Post Love (Valentines)

Lovebirds-sm-212x300Considering the most recent holiday was full of flowers, hearts and candies that is what we at Andiamo Creative decided to write about; but, of course, we will be relating to the love offered in our own work (specifically our posts) in this holiday entry we call “post love.”Let us begin with the simplest and sweet smelling addition to a blog, the “flowers.” As far as blogs are concerned these are pictures. Adding photos is an easy step and breaks up the article by giving the eye a stopping point or a button within the text. However, you want  your photos to up the value and look by making it relevant to the blog itself. This goes hand in hand with the next discussed tidbit, the heart.

The heart of an article can be illustrated through staying true to the core, keeping it spicy and by sharing the love. What we mean by “staying true to the core” relates to subject matter and delivery. For example, in our blogging efforts we stay on point by offering SEO tips, marketing strategies and reminding our readers of the services (i.e. starting businesses, updating brands, launching new stuff) and products we provide (i.e. logo design, branding packages, etc). However, just like any relationship one should consider “keeping it spicy.” By adding the occasional fun poll, related book reviews and venturous articles involving community events and neighboring businesses we deliver the spice all while “sharing the love.” And by this last part we mean hot linking to other worthy, related reads or pages (as seen above).

lovehearts-sm-212x300Candies always sweeten the deal even where blog entries are concerned. It is always best to give your reader a little something extra that he or she may not have anticipated such as a quote of the day, trivia question or random fact. Example, did you know that the Valentine’s Day origin can be traced all the way back to the times of “those wild and crazy romans,” and contains some not so sweet facts? Men once physically hit their women as sign of their interest (see, that is another way of sharing the love).

Remember, keep it creative with Andiamo Creative. Hoping everyone had a great Valentines Day and continues to have many more days full of post love.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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