Pay Your Selfie – New Website, Cool App

Pay Your Selfie – New Website, Cool App

Pay Your Selfie – Take Selfies Get Paid!

Pay Your Selfie sounds great but we know what you are thinking, “How does this work and what’s the catch?” Well, you take different selfies and earn money. No catch.

Who doesn’t love games in same shape or form? Think of this as a kind of game… where you can earn money. Get to playing!

Now that we got that out of the way you feel free to scan through the titles segments of this article and grab the information you really want.

Is Pay Your Selfie a free app?

Yes. You can download Pay Your Selfie right now by visiting the app store (Android version coming soon). Not only is this app free it is easy to use. I downloaded the app, created an account and took my first selfie all in under two minutes. What did that earn me… $1.00.

How much money can I earn with Pay Your Selfie?

Each selfie you take is from an assigned pool of projects. For example, once you open the application click on the pig in the upper right hand corner to see a list of available selfie projects. Taking a picture of you “with your best friend” earns you $.20, another of you at “your local pub” earns you $1.00. Simply scroll and find the project that you want to complete and watch your piggy bank grow. Once you pass the $20 threshold you can cash in and receive a check in the mail. Look for a follow up article once I have received my first $20 check.

Why do they pay us for taking selfies?

From what I can tell from the app itself is that select businesses have chosen to advertise on the platform. The users of this application are essentially potential advertisers for that given venue, product or service. Consider the potential of this app and how if used affectively it could create new streams of consumer income for businesses all through the beauty of social media interaction.

Pay Your Selfie areas for opportunity…

Keep that blog going! The article of the “selfie that broke Twitter,” was very good. Who knew?! Plus, the blog article on That 70s Show/April Fool’s Day prank earned a hearty laugh from this guy.

Maintaining an ongoing blog is the best way to rev up SEO across the site. More people finding your site equals more potential app users.

Also, get the Instagram going! Of the many platforms for social media engagement you have chosen the best for you visual based media, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Even if you are only posting to Instragram once every other week, some content is better than no content.

Who will get their Pay Your Selfie check the fastest?

I challenge you my friends! Get creative with the many options Pay Your Selfie has offered and fill that little piggy bank!

The Pay Your Selfie website was created by Andiamo Creative while the app was designed by Andiamo Creative and coded by Helium Foot. Go get your selfie on everywhere with Pay Your Selfie!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
  • smith
    Posted at 12:43h, 18 May Reply

    Hi, this app looks cool and nice design!
    Is this app still around? How are they doing in business?

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