Part of the Groundswell

Part of the Groundswell

Groundswell-Li-Bernoff-200x300If your company remains hesitant to tap into the online realm of social networks, blogs and interactive forums then you have missed your part of the Groundswell, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff.

Should you find yourself waiting for “proof” of ROI linked to participating in this growing digital age of connection, this is your book. A number of case studies are shown here with big name companies attached, such as Procter and Gamble, Best Buy, and Dell. The book is divided into three clear parts (and if you want winning pages like those linked we are here to create).

Part one, Understanding the Groundswell help you do just that. See a successful website launch like Kevin Rose’s evolve as a perfect example of how quickly growth can occur when this source is tapped. But you cannot hope to “tap” it unless you first know what this whole thing is about or to quote a favorite jujitsu-related chapter “If you understand it, you can work with it or even thrive in it” (pg. 17). You will find the names Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MetaCafe and Dailymotion here, how they are transforming institutions and the ways you and your company can participate (don’t forget RSS). Finding those ways means moving into part two.

Tapping the Groundswell begins with POST: people, objective, strategy and technology. Some companies will find it highly beneficial to be “listening” to the groundswell while others will move forward into “talking.” Basically, this part will offer instruction on how to engage the swell with your brand in mind. “‘The value of a brand belongs to the market and not to the company'” (pg. 79). The meat of the book is here and you will find examples of how even very low conversion rates involving online traffic transform into huge dollar values. In addition to the worthy words of online wisdom you will see hard facts offered in the marketing funnel and various social technological profile graphs containing data spanning our great transforming globe.

That word brings us to part three, The Groundswell Transforms. After all these facts of changing brands, molding new consumer relations and responding to concerns one must still face the reality that change will continue as we  all learn how to better participate with the online community. Take for example Dell’s case in responding to harsh critics and a quote from Bob Pearson, “That level of transparency at the company–well, we weren’t used to sharing at that level” (pg. 209). Get used to it.

Change will continue across the net of information and transparency is an aspect that once embraced will only contribute to a positive shift in product creation, target markets and brand development. Fortunately, since you landed on our site you are in a prime spot for your new branding package!

In close here is yet another favorite quote succinctly expressing why this market exists:

And yet there is something fundamental to the drive to be social– something that touches or will touch all of us. A need to connect (pg 60).

Your place for such, in part, is the Groundswell, Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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