Mobile Ready Websites

Mobile Ready Websites

iStock_000020712480SmallDid you know these days most Americans use their smartphones as their primary device for accessing the internet? The real question at hand, is “does your company have a mobile ready website.”

Even if households feature a lovely new desktop it will never be portable. The smartphone is always in hand and almost always internet ready. Considering the loss of presentation, navigation and click conversions it remains in every company’s best interest to have a website that is compatible with portable devices.

Let’s consider some pro’s of a mobile ready website.

  1. Presentation– Most websites that opt out of the mobile ready website option do not look as good. While this option will be more expensive consider the integrity of the site itself. It is recommended and will eventually be commonplace for all websites to have a hand held compatible version.
  2. Navigation– I have found the main flaw with websites lacking a mobile compatible site (outside of general layout) is the navigation. Not only is navigation difficult sometimes it is flat-out impossible!
  3. Click conversions– If your website is monetized or offers purchase or registration options YOU MUST HAVE A MOBILE READY SITE. Consider the patience of the average consumer. The hiccups that derive from layout and navigation on websites that are not mobile ready will cost you money.

While cons may include an increased cost of creation, with most Americans somewhere surfing on their phone make certain your site looks its best on every mobile device.

Spend money to make money and get your website mobile ready today! And if you are launching a new website you found a company ready with that option… and many more creative choices here at Andiamo Creative.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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