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It’s a Meet Edgar review for you! Learn the pros and cons  for managing social media with Edgar.

Meet Edgar Review

Edgar is one of the many options out there for managing multiple social media accounts. This “meet edgar review” lets you know what Edgar does, how it works & the pros & cons therein so you can decide if it is a good investment for your business needs.

What it Does – Meet Edgar Review

Edgar is among the best of social media scheduling applications. Edgar allows for you to schedule posts to your various social media accounts including facebook, twitter & linkedin. Create a post in Edgar & it will be saved in your post library to be reused later.

Edgar makes sure that you always have content streaming to your social media platforms. What makes Edgar different from other tools for managing social media is the addition of categories which brings you to the next portion of our Meet Edgar Review.

How it Works – Meet Edgar Review

First, create a trial account by visiting Next, look at the offered categories and if they are not to your liking, edit them or add new ones. Finally, start generating posts for your account & assigning them to specific categories. This builds your post library in a beneficial way.

Beinge to schedule posts from your different categories & assign them to the social media accounts of your choice is highly useful. Once a post has become live on one of your accounts (facebook, twitter, etc.) it goes to the end of your Edgar post library. Edgar will recycle these old posts but only after pulling from all of your new content.

You can edit posts at anytime or simply delete them. Now take a look at a few pros & cons.

Meet Edgar Review (Pros)

Great reasons for going with edgar for managing your social media posts include but are not limited to the following goodies:

  • log-in to one account rather than three to five
  • have a constant stream of content for social media
  • edit, manage & create content easily
  • create categories such as “biz tips,” “inspirational quotes,” “blog posts”
  • group posts into specific categories
  • schedule content from categories to post to select accounts
  • oversee content for multiple sites on one site

Listing the good things about edgar is easy but if you are looking for bad things about Edgar you might have to dig a little.

Meet Edgar Review (Cons)

Edgar is not free. However, this is not necessarily a con as “you get what you pay for.” Yet, competitors such as Hootsuite & Buffer offer free versions of a similar service. If you opt for a free service over Edgar be ready to list a lot more cons. Speaking of here a few:

  • can only post to facebook, twitter & linkedin
  • cannot manage online conversations (such as retweets, comments, etc.)
  • one way control, no interaction

Also, some records indicate that posts pushed from social media platform management applications have less impact than those published directly to the platform.

Final Word on Meet Edgar

Edgar is a creative, beneficial platform for those looking to generate specific constant content for their social media accounts from one main hub of control. If you are ready for managing social media through a paid service, go with Edgar.

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