Make Your Feed Page 100 Strong

Make Your Feed Page 100 Strong

One hundredth 100 birthday or anniversary candles litThis article marks number 100 here at Andiamo Creative. Keep the vitality and momentum moving forward for your niche, brand or product!

As this is our 100th article is there a more appropriate time to revisit the importance of ongoing content for your site? Let’s answer some questions.

While creative copy writing is always an option for a site you want the content you are developing to be relative and ongoing. The best way to achieve this  is to have a feed page.

Which page is a feed page? A feed page is the page dedicated to your frequently updated content. This can be a written blog, video blog, photo journal, podcast, etc. Here readers can subscribe to your content via an RSS feed, share the entry to various social media platforms & even make comments.

How do you keep your audience engaged? Find what works, keep doing that. Make tweeks and take risks. Bottom line, keep your content fresh & interesting & appeal to YOUR audience.

Who keeps a feed page ongoing? The creator. This can be you, a partner or someone you have hired to manage the content. Remember, the content keeps the page (and ultimately your entire site) alive. Once content creation stops the site becomes less important to the cool little spiders that crawl around the world wide web after you search for something. Seriously, search algorithms account for sites that keep generating material & favor them in rank returns over sites that are considered “dead.”

The more prominent your site within the geographic region & within the realm of your competition the more traffic your website will get. More traffic equals greater opportunity for e-commerce and more!

Whatever you niche, brand or product keep that blog going strong. It’s the right idea to write & we make that happen right here, creatively. Thanks for reading our 100th article!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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