Your Creative Choices – How to Make a Website Today

Your Creative Choices – How to Make a Website Today

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Wondering How to Make a Website Today?

How to make a website today is a question with three main answers.

  1. WordPress
  2. Squarespace
  3. Wix

Consider yourself a writer? Are you a musician that needs a website pronto? Did you find a niche that will undoubtedly make money & you want an online presence right now? Decide which one of these quick-fix, drag & drop options on how to make a website is right for you.

1. How to Make a Website with WordPress

I have built a couple of websites using WordPress & it is very user friendly. Use a number of cool free templates & widgets & get your site up today.

This is my recommendation for writers.

You can get a site up super fast by simply selecting the template of your choice & setting up three quick pages:

  • Home Page
  • Contact/About Page
  • Feed Page

When making a writer website those are my bare minimum recommended pages. Don’t worry, you can always add more pages later.

Your home page or landing page is the main page of your site. It’s where people end up if they type in your website name in the url bar. Write a quick blip about yourself or your writing style/project. Next, move on to your contact page or about page. Either or is fine.

If you are looking to get hired as a content developer or SEO writer eventually do both but for now you can choose one to either provide more detail about yourself or your work/give people a means of contacting you.

As a writer your feed page is where all your work goes. It’s your blog, your RSS feed & an online writing sample all in one. Hopefully, your landing page has snippets from your blog. These snippets should be eye catching, bent on getting readers to read it.

Do you have these three pages complete?

Add some snappy, creative photos & make the site live. You can either set your domain name by purchasing through hostgator or some other provider or remain hosted through WordPress.

2. How to Make A Website with Squarespace

Wondering how to make a website with Squarespace? It’s a bit different from WordPress but just as user friendly. No “widgets” but it remains highly customizable by dragging and dropping little, adjustable content squares.

Squarespace is my recommendation for musicians.

The main advantage for musicians here is the built in e-commerce.

Signing up through Squarespace automatically enables you to sell one product & it’s easy to set up. This product can be your first album!

Set up the domain name as either your band name or stage name or real name & you are on your way to online sales.

3. How to Make A Website with Wix

If you have that niche ready or if you want a quick website built around your interest or product, learning how to make a website with Wix is for you.

This is my recommendation for actors & small business owners.

Set up my three to four recommended pages & be sure to include an online menu if you have a restaurant. Small business owners should also make hours of operation VERY CLEAR on all pages. Actors should provide their online resumes, multiple headshots & samples/links to your credits.

What if you do not want to make your own website?

Good thing you landed on the right creative site.

Check out our Creative Services & Stop Worrying

If you find that you do not have the time & want to launch a site rich with content & creativity we can take of it for you.

Don’t have the funds right now to hire Andiamo Creative?

Get your site up today and start building your brand. Later your website will need an update.

We can update your existing brand or wipe the slate clean & build a brand new website. Either way, today we know that you know your many options on how to make a website.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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