Lucky Website Changes

Lucky Website Changes

iStock_000018912276XSmallHappy belated St. Patrick’s Day to all, especially to two companies lucky enough to have discovered Andiamo, Artisanal Wilmette and Total Event Resources. After reading owner and creative director Rochelle’s latest article I had to do a complimentary follow-up.

Let me begin by saying founder Rochelle Weiner must be an exemplary time manager as she not only recently launched two new sites but just yesterday held an art exhibit at Phantom Gallery and was elected as one of 60 finalists nationwide to compete in the IWS 28th Annual Art Exhibition. Rochelle, since I know you’ll be reading this at some point allow me to publicly give you props!

Compliments aside, this woman is serious business when it comes to many mediums of art but let us focus in the following on web design. She mentions in her last article that her top three concerns in web development are to “uphold and enhance” brand identity, design a “user-friendly” encouraging interface and “provide an easy-to-use” way for clients to manage their own content. All of these concerns end in summation of one word at the forefront of my mind, unique.

While visiting the two aforementioned sites I witness striking differences that left me pleased… and floored. These differences exist not only in page design but also in advertised content. The first page being for a small family-owned grocery at 414 Linden Ave. in Wilmette, IL highlights the variety of quality product the store offers through a series of full-size background photographs. Vibrant, radiant colors from nature fill this harvesting layout. How good is it? It made me question the value of the products I purchase at my own shop of choice; that’s how good.

The second page is for a Chicago based event planning company. Here the design is sleeker with a more muted pallet centering on the business team, it’s many venues and clients and overall award recognition. It remains evident throughout the delivery of the page content that this is a group of exceptional strategic event specialists with a long line of integrity in the running. How good is it? It made me wish for an event worthy enough of contacting this group; that’s how good.

So if you consider the luck of discovery you can achieve by starting or revamping an online presence I encourage you to contact this awesome Chicago design firm, Andiamo Creative. It may just be your pot of gold.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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