Judging Books by Covers – Great Reference for Logos and Graphic Design

Judging Books by Covers – Great Reference for Logos and Graphic Design

logos and graphic design - iStock_000012081748SmallNeed great resources for logos and graphic design? You have found the right page & the right list of titles.

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Today I set out to do just that. After all, what makes one first pick up a book? Aside from a catchy title the only canvas an illustrator has to get you to check out the content is the cover.

The same holds true for your company. Your logo is your cover. Will clients flip through the pages of your brand? Let’s get some more knowledge on logos & marketing.

As part of our high-five series I find longer lists of great logos, awesome websites & rad references for graphic artists and narrow them down to five top choices.

How did I choose my five? I picked the cleanest, snappiest, most intriguing covers.

Every graphic designer/artist has their select titles they will always praise and admire. I found five that jumped out from the shelves.

Great References for Logos and Graphic Design

Feel free to share the logo references or graphic design books that keep you turning pages in the comment section that follows below. Now, on to the book titles!

1) Symbol

Black and white really popped for me in this book dedicated to over 1300 symbols in timeless black and white.

2) Los Logos

Handy dandy for anyone with a logo design block. Pick up one of the many volumes of this book & flip through for some quick creative inspiration.

3) Marks of Excellence

A highly referenced book. Here the psychology and history surrounding some of the most recognizable logos of our time come to the front.

4) Color Design Workbook

It’s a must have, go to resource, collection of color.

5) Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team

Doesn’t the name say it all? While the logo is a primary part it is not the whole brand. Use these insightful pages to build marketing strategies!

Wow, these authors and contributors sure had a creative time developing cool tools to help you get out of the developer’s rut and back into the groove of creating logos and designing the essentials of an excellent marketing strategy.

There you have it. A selection of five books that I chose solely based on the eye catching design of their covers.

Want more? Check out some of the lists at length:

In addition to these beautifully crafted covers, there is one title that stood out among the rest:

The Art of Looking Sideways – “This book will delight anyone who enjoys unexpected visual and verbal play, cultural and historical observations and insights, and staggering amounts of trivia and anecdotes.” -The Library Journal

What a neat treat these sources offer for improving your knowledge of logos and graphic design. Now go judge that book by its cover!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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