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Logo Apps

design - vintage wood typographyWith the growing number of smartphone users and apps for the smartphones, we encounter logos today more than ever before.

If you are fellow smart phone user stop what you are doing right now and open your phone to the main screen. What do you see? … Logos. Logo after logo after logo right there in those small little square shapes. The best app logos get your attention, inform you about their provided service and leave a lasting imprint. Let’s look at a few.

I found this new app today (new to me) and though I haven’t used the app yet the logo got me to check it out. It’s called Evernote. For fun I tried to figure out what the app was about just by looking at the logo. The logo displays a design of an elephant’s head with a trunk curling slightly under, near its mouth. This made me think of a question mark. “What did I forget?” Oh yeah, and there’s a little flap of the ear which appears folded at the tip. Reminds me of the good ole days of dog earing pages of a favorite book so as not to lose my place. But we’re not talking about dogs, we’re talking about elephants and an elephant never forgets. Turns out this app is used for making notes which are shared across all of your devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.). Don’t forget it.

Soundcloud is an awesome app for capturing and sharing your own sounds. Personally, I use it for podcasts more than anything, like Comedy Bang Bang, but let me get my head out of the clouds and back to logos. This logo is a white cloud against an orange background. The left portion of the cloud is a series of white lines while the right portion of the cloud remains solid. The lines suggests a frequency or pitch or even subtly reference the display of track progression when running the app.  Great logo.

Another app I sometimes use is Pinterest. Think of it as a infinite cork board upon which anyone can post in image with a little “pin.” The logo itself features a capitol “P” which is sharpened at the end. Makes me think of a push pin. You?

Each of these logos does a fantastic job of keeping the design relevant to the service the application provides. Plus, they’re pretty… and pretty memorable. Feel free to share your favorite app. We just might find another great, useful, creative application.

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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