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A company website and lead generation should work hand in hand.

A lead is an initial interest from a consumer in a good or service. While social media is an important route for lead generation nothing is more important than your website in creating these leads for lists, e-newsletters and sales.

Lead Generation from Websites

You can acquire any and all types of leads directly from your website. However, you may be one of those business owners who neglects the importance of a website by saying, “Oh, everyone just uses Facebook nowadays anyway.” Let us use the case of a local Uptown Chicago business to see how they could benefit from having had a website in place prior to opening their new business, Uptown Arcade.

This business has a small staff and everyone plays multiple roles. They have been open for about two months and still have no website. Because of such they have lacked in generating leads for the all important e-newsletter. Hundreds of people have checked in to the business already via Facebook but unfortunately they lost their log-in information and associated account info for that page. If they had only invested in a website prior to opening they would have had a central location for all their online traffic.

Lead Generation and Applications

  • Lists – used for contact purposes, outsourced or even sold as lead lists to other companies
  • E-Newsletters – communication tool set for informing and advertising
  • Sales – customers acquired through your website add up as leads for your sales team
  • Conversions – how many people actually sign-up for your service or buy your goods directly from your site

Getting Your Website Early Lands More Leads

Websites should not be on the back burner, they should be completed prior to launch and updated or redesigned as needed. Why you may ask? Consider the situation of the Uptown Arcade.

During the “soft opening” of this business they experienced an initial surge of customers as one would expect. However, the only online sites in place were their existing Facebook and Twitter pages (one of which was unfortunately inaccessible and hence a “dead page”). Their customers experienced confusion in the hours, events and did not no where to go to see specials and other pertinent information.

Tips for Efficient Website Lead Generation

  • Early Website Activation – have your website up and running on the day of opening if not before. Prior to that have the domain purchased and set to feature a static page featuring a call to action and or “Site Coming Soon.”
  • Easy to Understand Options – websites should have clear and easy methods for customers to submit their contact information, sign-up for newsletters and purchase goods or services
  • Use Available Channels to Direct Traffic – share information from your website to your social media pages regularly and also include such in e-newsletters with a focus on the pages that allow for acquisition and conversion

Return of Investment for Website Leads

Remember the phrase “you get what you pay for,” when creating your website. Custom websites with specific tools and pages targeted on your audience is key. Having specifics in place will most certainly require a certain level of customization. This cost is simply your investment on which there will be a notable return if everything is in place.

For instance, once Uptown Arcade makes this investment they can take advantage of all the lead generation aspects a website has to offer!

Review How Leads are Good for Your Business

  • Create a group of loyal, returning customers
  • Streamline communication with new and existing clients
  • Advertise and generate new connections for your goods and services

Lead generation can prove to be one of the most lucrative assets for your brand. See that all is in place, creatively.

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