Independence Works

Independence Works

thumbnailCelebrate your own voice this holiday by creating a website crafted around your own version of independence. If you do not know where to begin you discovered the perfect place for website design.

Over the course of this blog we have reviewed some of the many, varied sites created by us at Andiamo Creative (and look for the next article where I conduct my own annual review). Yet, maybe you haven’t found one of our creations or services that resonates with your individual goals. Perhaps you are focused on writing and need a page for your words to come to life. We can meet the needs of your independent blog.

If you are a motivational speaker your webpage doesn’t need to have the same feel as say, a local Chicago stand-up comedian. That said, maybe your site hosts numerous voices. For example your posts could contain multiple authors (as ours does). We can meet these needs for you whether your page is for a sketch comedy troupe, a literary group promoting local authors, or a newly developed business collective. And this holiday there’s more reason to celebrate.

Your page can have archives, author listings, search tabs and helpful icons including RSS feed and various social media logos. All of these little tidbits add up to more methods of outreach. Our design elements will allow for the best navigation of your site cultivated to your unique page requirements.

Now, maybe you already have a website but simply aren’t getting enough traffic. We revisit an aforementioned word, navigation. If your surfers do not know how to find their way around your site, chances are they are not finding the content which your blog satisfies. Here, we also help with that, redesigned website navigation (and I myself can help with content). Considering that some sites are designed with pay-per-click in mind, navigation will prove a grand consideration. Just like the fireworks setting off in the sky, we will add a burst of new light to your online presence. The lights will help your customers and readers find their way.

So, if this holiday your eye lands up high and feels a moment of creative inspiration know that our company is here to help your company and voice gain independence! Happy Independence Day America!

Nicholas Dale Taylor
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